Black Templars vs. Chaos Daemons

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Black Templars vs. Chaos Daemons Empty Black Templars vs. Chaos Daemons

Post  Tyranid on Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:20 pm

1500 pts Black Templars (Steve) vs. Chaos Daemons (Ryan)

Ryan has been interested in trying the Daemons army, and I have never ran a full army of Black Templars (have only used them in Kill Team battles before this).

Black Templar space marines
1 Marshal in terminator armor, with Thunder Hammer and storm shield.
1 Emperor's Champion, with his Armour of Faith and the Black Sword
2 Dreadnoughts with assault cannons
2 Predator tanks with autocannons and heavy bolter sponsons
2 20man squads (10 templars, 10 neophytes, everyone with bolt pistols/chainswords, on guy with power fist)
2 10 man squads (5 templars, 5 neophytes, everyone with bolt pistols and chainswords, one guy with a missile launcher)

Chaos Daemons
1 Bloodthirster
1 Daemon Prince
1 Soul Grinder (a Dreadnought-type thing)
2 groups of bloodletters
2 small groups of plague daemons
1 group daemonettes
1 large group seekers of slaanesh (cavalry)

I deployed in the bottom left corner, protecting my HQ. The demons made some good rolls, and deep struck their initial force on top of my right flank. Only the demon prince mishapped, he ended up facing the templar left flank by himself.

I expected my shooting to be more effective, but barely put a dent in the daemons standing in front of me at point blank range (expect for a small group of plague demons, who were only left with one man standing after the shooting phase.

The bloodletters destroyed one of my ten man squads, but the 20 man squad on that flank finished off the plague demons and destroyed a nasty unit of daemonettes.

The battle continued to be a blood bath on the right flank- my other 20 man group moved there to reinforce.

The 20 man group, my HQ marshal, and the emperors champion surrounded the mighty Bloodthirster demon, which had just demolished one of my dreadnoughts easily. My Marshal was struck down, but his thunderhammer had injured the demon. The Emperors Champion, wielding his Black Sword killed the huge daemon.

On the left flank, the daemon prince ripped my other dreadnought to pieces, only to be shot and hacked apart after making some really bad rolls. Losing both demons really hurt the Chaos force.

Daemon reinforcemenst continued to warp onto the battlefield, but their losses were increasing.

Their Soul grinder was immobilized, but he continued picking off neophtyes with lucky shots.

The last of the bloodletters and plague demons were killed, leaving just a force of demonette cavalry. They charged forward and crashed into two groups of Templars, and were wiped out, though they killed many marines before they died.

The game then ended after turn 7, with the Templars winning 1-0 (they held their own HQ, the demon one was unoccupied).


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Black Templars vs. Chaos Daemons Empty Battle Aftermath

Post  Tyranid on Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:29 pm

I have played the Daemons myself several times, and knew how nasty they could be, so I made sure my army was ready for them.

Even so, Ryan played them very aggressively and was only a few dice rolls away from a win.

I think Curtis's Blood Angels army we faced last weekend would also have been a good match for the Daemons, all those assault cannons and heavy flamers would have been helpful.

(Just don't leave any holes in your deployment, or you will start the game split up and surrounded by Daemons, and then you will be dead.)


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