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Post  Tyranid on Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:35 pm

(A snap shot is done at BS1, no matter what your normal BS is. Templates can only be snapfired when in a unit being charged. Blast marker weapons can't snap fire).

Fast vehicles-
stationary or combat speed (upto 6") fire everything at full BS
cruising speed (upto 12") fire up to 2 wpns at full BS, everything else at snap shot

Flat Out- during the shooting phase, instead of shooting, a fast vehicle can move 12" (wow, 24" a turn...)

Very nasty.

Units with frag and krak grenades? Can throw one 8".
Defensive grenades? Throw them on your enemies and mess up their shooting!
In close combat with a monstrous creature? Stick a melta bomb to him!
About to be charged? Unload your weapons into the charging fools (at BS1)!

Hide all your guys behind a wall except for the melta or missile guy? Not a good tactic anymore, he WILL get picked off.
Your leader rolls a 6 to hit while shooting? He picks who gets hit!
Fleet no longer allows you to run and then charge.
Furious charge is +1 STR only, no INIT bonus.


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