1500 pt Space Wolf army list

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1500 pt Space Wolf army list Empty 1500 pt Space Wolf army list

Post  Firebrand on Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:23 pm

Ok, here is what I have for a Space Wolves Army with and without armored vehicles.

With armored vehicles:

HQ: Logan Grimnar


Wolf Guard Pack, 10 man squad in terminator armor, 3 pairs of Wolf Claws (same as lighting claws), heavy flamer, assault cannon, and 2 chainfists

(using Logan Grimnar as an HQ, allows me to take the elite Wolf Guard as troops selection)

Grey Hunter Pack 1, 10 man squad, replacing 2 bolters with flamers, and giving sgt. a power weapon

Grey Hunter Pack 2, same as above

Dedicated Transports:

Drop Pod x3 , with one replacing storm bolter with Deathwind Missle launcher

Heavy Support:

Long Fang Pack, 6 man squad, with 2 heavy bolters, 2 missle launchers, and a plasma cannon, also giving the sgt. a power weapon

For this slot, I have 2 different choices I can go with for armored vehicles.

First Choice: Predator Tank, with Autocannon, Heavy bolter sponsons, and a dozer blade, Also a Whilwind Tank

Second Choice: Venerable Dreadnought, with assault cannon, dreadnought close-combat weapon, replacing the storm bolter with a heavy flamer.

Using either option of the armored vehicles brings this army point total to 1500.

Now for the all infantry army, no vehicles. I will keep the same troop choices, but will be replacing the HQ unit, and then list what replaces the vehicle choices.


Canis Wolfborn, with 2 Fenrisian Wolves

Fast Attack:

Thunderwolf Cavalry, 5 man mounted squad, sgt. with power weapon

Fenrisian Wolf Pack, 12 wolves, one upgraded to a cyberwolf

This armies point total came to 1499.

I plan to also write up a Dark Angels and Daemon Army lists as well.


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