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Ork Army 1500 Empty Ork Army 1500

Post  Tyranid on Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:44 pm

1500 pt Ork Army (nothing with an AV) 1497 points, 105 models

Warboss w/powerklaw, twin-link shoota, attack squig, cybork body, bosspole, 'eavy armour

2 Deffkopta units (one with 4 deffkoptas, one with 5). All deffkoptas armed with twin-linked rocket launchas

1 unit of 'ard boyz (20 'ard boyz with a nob) all with sluggas and choppas, stikkbomz, 'eavy armour, 2 boyz with rocket launchas. Nob has slugga, powerklaw, boddpole, 'eavy armour

3 units of boyz (each with 20 boyz, 1 nob) stikk bombs, sluggas and choppas. 2 boyz w/ rocket launchas. Nob w/ 'eavy armor, slugga, powerklaw, bosspole

1 unit 10 gretchin and 1 runtherder


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